Circadian Pictures is an award-winning, full-service, multi-hyphenate production company based in Los Angeles, CA and available all over planet Earth.  We specialize in commercial, documentary, and narrative film & photo production as well as music videos, animation, and live theater.  We produce projects all around the globe, from Canada to China and throughout the United States.  Our ad work is featured across platforms, from Instagram feeds to billboards in Times Square.  Our films have won awards at top film festivals and have been released theatrically and streamed globally.
We work in all stages of production from creative conception through post-production and everything in between. Whether we’re on a project from soup to nuts or producing à la carte, we’re equipped to do it all.  We have in-house casting capabilities, a team of go-to retouchers & editors, and a crafty table that is due for a couple Michelin stars.
We believe the best work comes from the best collaborations.  It’s not necessary to have a great time to make great work — but we always do.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Circadian Pictures Dream Team.
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