Include your full name, phone number,  and e-mail address.
Please double check spelling and accuracy.  Make sure this information matches the information on your application form — if we cannot contact you, we cannot award you any funds.


Please fully outline your proposed project.  Tell us about its inspiration, your hopes for the final product, plan for completing the project (including proposed timeline and schedule), an estimated number of final images, and anything else you’d like us to know.  Please include specific techniques you will use, aesthetic choices, overall tone, scope, and intentions.  Let us know what equipment you will be using and what format your photographs will be captured and delivered in.  All proposed projects must be original work created for the purpose of this contest.  Please do not submit any projects you have previously started or completed.​​​​​​​ 
NOTE: This fund was born of the COVID-19 crisis.  While some projects may be a response to or documentation of the effects of the pandemic, they also don't have to be.  It is in no way required for the creative substance of a proposed project to relate to COVID-19 or its effects.  The only COVID-19 related requirements apply solely to process, not content. These requirements are outlined in the “Statement of Responsibility” section.

(550 Word Max)
Tell us about yourself and why this project would be important to you (creatively, financially, professionally, etc.). What’s your background? What are your aspirations?  What is the role of art and photography in your life?  What is your experience level?  Do you have any specific creative or technical skills that add to your abilities as a photographer?

(350 Word Max)
Please explain how you will maintain social distancing and be responsible while completing your proposed project.  What protective measures will you use? You must explain how you will document the measures you are taking so we can verify that you AND any collaborators are executing this project responsibly in a way that does not put your own or others' health or safety at risk.


Include a sample image as a rough draft/proof of concept of what an image in your final project may look like.  You must have captured this sample image between May 1st, 2020 and May 24th, 2020.
Resources may be limited at this time (it's kind of the whole point of the fund).  We understand that currently, without the support of winning the prize, you may not have access to the right equipment, props, model/subject, location, etc.  That's totally fine.  Don't let that stress you out.  We get it.  We just want to get some sense of your intentions and your instincts.  If you have the resources to make something close to your final images, great.  If not, this can be an opportunity to show off your creative problem-solving.  Either way is totally acceptable, just let us know in your description.
Include a brief description (200 word max) explaining which element(s) of your sample image are a good representation of what your final images will look like.  Also, let us know in what ways the image and process will differ from your project if you are to win the prize.


Create a visual mood board for your proposal.  This is a great space to show us a bit of the project’s vibe and inspiration.  The images used in your mood board do not have to be your own images. 


Please include a line item budget showing how the funds will be allocated and a brief (350 word max) budget description.  The entire project must be able to be completed for no more than $10K. There can not be any additional funding from outside sources, nor can the artists themselves contribute any of their own money to complete the project.  That does not mean that the entire project needs to cost $10,000. Part of the goal is to support artists, so any funds remaining after all hard costs are accounted for should be included on your line item budget as Artist’s Fees.  Including Artist’s Fees is encouraged — we want to make sure you are being supported!

This section is optional and will not affect your chances at the grand prize.  This section will only be evaluated after the grand-prize winner is selected.  Aside from the $10,000 grand prize, there is an additional pool of $5,000 which will be divided amongst contest runner-ups.  How the runner-up pool is divided will be decided by Circadian Pictures and the judges.
Do you want to be considered for a runner-up prize?  Can you complete your project for under $5,000? Let us know the minimum amount of money you would need to achieve your project without putting any additional financial hardship on yourself or others.  Please note what impacts, if any, this size budget will have on your project. 
Please name your PDF file with the following format: 
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